Sport 1995 Windows Ikarion Software Soccer Team management

Thrilling and funny

Well yes it is a soccer management game but it has a few distinct features which make it a bit different and thrilling. The first thing is that you will play the role of a soccer team manager who takes a small club team from their small leagues to the big European league and will make them compete with the best in the business. Being manager, you will do everything that a manager does in this world. Select players, train them, manage their finances, look after the club property and make arrangements for practice matches and training sessions. You have to enhance the skills of your player so that they can compete with the big teams. Though the budget is limited but it can be managed through effective utilization and resource allocation. The other good thing in this game is its two modes which are distinctly different. The first one is the serious mode where it is all about soccer and wining and the second mode is the fun mode which you must experience for yourself. Well the fun mode is really fun. The graphics in the game are very alluring and the interface is far from ordinary. Similarly the controls work great and the game is overall very engaging. For more leggy action, try ranTrainer.

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