Heartlight Deluxe

Puzzle 1991 Dos Epic MegaGames Brainteaser Reflex oriented Arcade style

A fun and challenging puzzle game

This is another great game in a series of great puzzle oriented arcade games very similar to the famous Chip's Challenge game that won so many hearts back in the eighties. The game actually tries to be a clone of a similar game called Supaplex, and does a pretty good job at it, if not perfect. Over 60 levels, your character is stuck in a room and can't leave it unless he collects all the hearts that are scattered all around it. To make his job harder, there are lot of traps and hazards involved that will require quick thinking and reflexes to avoid and overcome. It will take a lot of planning, thinking and even experimenting to get through the levels. Precise timing might also be of huge importance to your success. The game is simple to understand, yet very entertaining and challenging and will definitely be a treat for all puzzle lovers out there. The graphics are old and outdated, but still brightly colored and visually quite appealing. As is the case in these kinds of games, that is not as important as the time consuming gameplay, which will really be worth your time and effort. If you like puzzle games, you definitely might want to give this game a shot. Enjoy! :)

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