Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

Action 2002 Windows Gathering of Developers Historical Strategic scope

WWII tactics and action

The Hidden and Dangerous is something of an underappreciated franchise but which is one well worth revisiting for fans of military strategy/shooters. This deluxe pack throws together the original game, plus the expansion pack Devil's Bridge, so if you haven't experienced what the series has to offer, then this is the perfect place to start. The player is given command of a squad of commandos in World War 2 and charged with completing a varied and challenging set of missions, and which range from planting bombs to rescuing hostages. The missions take place in some impressively large environments so to add to the complexity and the fun, there's plenty of cool vehicles to commandeer and which make getting around that much easier. Your squad is made up of four individuals, each with their own skills and specialities, and you control one in traditional first-person perspective while giving commands to the others via a tactical screen. It's this blend of strategy and action which is key to the game's appeal and it really is complex stuff, controlling the whole squad effectively. The interface is a tad on the clunky side at times, but it's still not too tricky to get the hang of things and even in the heat of battle, you should be able to marshal your squad effectively. The missions are extensive and varied, and are dripping with atmosphere thanks to the updated graphics, which are surprisingly decent given their age. Hidden and Dangerous probably isn't for your typical Medal of Honor or Doom player but if you're looking for something to get your teeth stuck into, this is solid stuff.

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