Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate

Strategy 2006 Windows Ubisoft Role playing Rpg

Hammer time!

If you're still playing around with the classic that is Heroes of Might and Magic V, then this add-on pack is the perfect addition to your collection, as it extends that game's lifespan in fine fashion. It's a very good example of how to do an expansion pack, with a decent amount of content, a nice narrative addition, and some neat new items. The story here revolves around Freya, one of the key characters from the main game, and her efforts to stop a civil war in the Gryphon Empire, before moving on to the icy home of the dwarfs. The dwarfs are one of the key attractions here, as they are a new playable race, bringing with them their own unique style of magic, which is very different to what we're used to. As expected, they also have some cool units of their own, which really mix things up. Other additions here include new artefacts, objects, monsters (including mummies and manticores), as well as several skirmish and multiplayer maps, while the Caravan system from Heroes of Might and Magic 4 also sees a return. Although this is certainly not going to convert non-Might and Magic fans to the series, if you are attuned to its unique sensibilities, then this is really going to float your boat. There's a decent amount of content to keep you going here, with the new units and playable race perhaps the most interesting. The campaign isn't the greatest but is still fun, and although there are issues with the AI, the core mechanics and visuals are as good as ever, making this a great choice for series fans.

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