The Battle for Wesnoth

Strategy 2006 Windows The Battle for Wesnoth Fantasy Indie

a well written and incorporated strategy game

It is a wonderful hex based and a turn based strategy game which has given this genre a lot of new variety of depth. The mechanics involved in the game are quite conventional as we see in strategy war games but they have been presented it with a great gameplay that goes till the very end. The theme or the plot is quiet the same as you see in many strategy war games and that is to recruit different troops to your units and take control of various cities,. The more cities you conquer the more gold you will earn for purchasing new and improved units. The cities that you control will also give you defense bonus as points in return. Another conventional and very well incorporated feature in the game is that the user can built his/her own scenarios and customized units and can go for a full fledge campaigns. The element of fantasy in this game has been added with a lot of variety in the form of a wide array of units for your selection and there are real powerful graphics to support them. The UI is also very supportive and the A1 is competitive to give you a good time on board. This game is definitely for those who have loved StarCraft because they will get even more excitement with this one.

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