Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver 2: GET 'N DIRTY

Racing 2000 Windows Mattel Arcade style

Pedal to the metal

The Hot Wheels license has been applied to a number of games over the years, and it's resulted in a surprisingly decent set of titles, including Turbo Racing and Crash. GET 'N DIRTY is another nice little game and as the followup to Stunt Track Driver, it improves immeasurably on its predecessor, with the notable difference of now being in 3D. The gameplay is fast and furious, yet very accessible for junior racers, so if you need something to keep young petrolheads quiet, this is a great choice. Like the original, this is a racing game that's focused on wild and crazy stunts carried in toy-style fashion. Here you have three main modes of gameplay to choose from, including a championship, while there are six large environments to race around, each of which offers plenty of opportunities for massive air and some cool tricks. There are also twelve different cars to choose from, with their own unique characteristics, while the tracks themselves are Micro Machines-style, in that they take your tiny cars through some strange places filled with hazards like giant dragonflies. This really is quite a neat little racer that is well worth checking out. The tracks are well designed and suitably over the top, with lots of dizzying jumps and spins and which are genuinely quite thrilling. The AI racers offer a decent challenge, while the visuals are looking a tad dated but which show some imagination and feature some nice details. Throw in a handful of modes to try out, and you have a fun way to kill a few hours.

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