Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

Racing 1998 Windows THQ Futuristic Challenges

Amazing fun racing game

This is one racing game which has really managed to impress me big time. No typical racing theme here because you won't be driving on the lush tracks or Europe as your tracks in this game are living rooms, greenhouses and other custom environments. Well it's obviously not going to be a smooth straight racing experience in a living rooms and you will be doing a lot of tricks and stunts going through and on different objects. You have around 12 different cars in the game which can be customized with a very large variety of features. Similarly the tracks can also be customized to your liking which ads a great variety to the gameplay. A total of 70 custom pieces are there to work on. Either you can go for an unlimited single fun race doing all the crazy stuff or you can get engaged in Cups where you can get new and improved cars and some very amazing tracks. The game is pretty diverse in terms of the graphics and the level deigns are very versatile. The gameplay options are fantastic and the UI is also a good one. It's a pure fun ride all the way and is better than most. Try Motorhead as well and you will really cherish playing both of them.

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