Sega GT

Racing 2000 Windows Empire Interactive Rally Arcade style Gran Turismo

Poor attempt at a Gran Turismo clone

In a market filled with an abundance of excellent racing titles, from Colin McRae to Need for Speed and Screamer, any new addition is going to have to work hard to stand out. Unfortunately for Sega GT, it just doesn't do enough to warrant anything more than a cursory investigation by anyone other than the most dedicated driving fan. It follows very much in the footsteps of career racing games like Gran Turismo and features a ton of options for racing which allow you to open up new licenses and cars and with heaps of upgrades available. You have a range of modes to choose from, including career, multi-player and arcade while there are also huge numbers of cars and tracks to unlock. On paper at least, this all sounds well and good but in practice, it's all a bit of a disaster. About the only recent decent aspects of the game are the range of cars and tracks and the control system which is actually quite responsive and smooth. However, everything else fares pretty badly. The supposedly realistic physics system is anything but, with cars gliding around corners as if they are on ice, while all the cars end up driving pretty much the same, making their inclusion not much more than a cosmetic one. Visuals too are outdated and unappealing, causing headaches and confusion, which is not something any game should be able to claim. The list of problems goes on, but in all honesty it's not worth going into them and instead you should just stay well clear of this. If you have to plat a SEGA racer, try SEGA Rally or even good old Outrun but don't waste your time on this.

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