Hot Wheels: Crash

Racing 1999 Windows Mattel Arcade style Action based

Puzzler in which you crash your Hot Wheels mini cars!

If you thought that Hot Wheels: Crash was a racing game, well, then you'd be wrong: nothing further from the truth. What this game brings forward is a totally crazy premise. You get a number of levels in which you have to place your vehicle. You can choose to set your vehicle left to right, as the game tilts left to right allowing you to pick where exactly to start from. Then you set the velocity of the hot wheels vehicle and off you go! You have to think strategically, because the levels are filled with elements that you must not touch and with elements that you need to destroy. But the fun part begins when you find out that you can produce massive damages by picking just the right element where to crash into. The game uses a physics engine that allows you to entail multiple decor elements so that in the end many more buildings and structures will be flattened or exploded. So, what this game feels like is like Hot Wheels propelled domino destruction game! At the end of each game your destruction prowess is counted and replayed and if you did good you will get to do more damage on another level. If not, you can replay to find a better way of entailing the scenery towards its doom! Fun is guaranteed!

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