Immoral Study: Scenario 3

Adult 1996 Windows Scoop Bishoujo Anime

One for pervs only

The first two Immoral Study games were fairly disturbing bits of Japanese erotica that provided some entertainment for genre fans, but which might be a little hard to take for those unaware of such games. This one follows closely in its predecessors' footsteps and once again provides a very adult and rather twisted look at the world. As previously, this one tells the tale of the handsome private tutor, Mr. Hitosuji, but who has a slightly unusual teaching style. He is supposed to help the shy Asakura become a better student but in his own distinct way, he ends up manipulating the young girl and her mother into an S&M relationship. As is usual with this sort of thing, there's not much to the gameplay, and instead it unfolds in the manner of an interactive novel. The story unfolds via still and animated scenes, with accompanying text, with the player required occasionally to make a few decisions. However, unlike many other similar games, like Virgin Roster and Do You Like Horny Bunnies? this one is mostly linear, with little in the way of actual decision making or narrative choice. In terms of visuals, this is no better or worse than most other entries in the genre, with typical character and environment design, which of course includes a few improbably endowed and enthusiastic women. The story is perhaps a little twisted for its own good and you have to wonder about the sort of person who might get a kick out it, but if you are something of a rock dweller, then this should give you plenty of guilty pleasure.

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