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Terminal Velocity like, pretty engaging and fast!

In Terminal Velocity, racing in the weirdest post punk, modernistic environments was where the fun came from! But, if that was not enough for you, here's another contender to keep that wish and love fulfilled. With Hellbender you get just as badass a racer shooter combo, very well produced, very well i9ntegrated and ultimately the best game around to get into racing and shooting. Sure, it won't offer you as much in terms of story as Terminal used to, but then again, it is a much more fast, much more violent game that that one. It's like an upgraded version of that one game, and the upgrade has to do with the fact that it is playable from many more points of view. At any rate it creates the best possible combination of on the ground shooting and racing, as well as being sprinkled with really breathtaking cloud based shooting and gliding. The combination works amazingly, and you never feel bored. Plus, as arcade as it is, it feels amazingly lean to control and realistic, which is just lovely. Give it a try.

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