Tour 91

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Let's go for a ride

Cycling isn't a sport that is exactly overburdened in terms of video game releases, with only the likes of little known titles such as Mountain Bike Racer and the classic BMX Simulator springing to mind. Tour 91 is one little addition to this short list and while it might not be perfect, it makes for a briefly entertaining excursion into a largely unexplored world. You start out by picking a cyclist from a fairly extensive lineup, each with their own attributes, before moving on to the first of four stages in your bid for world domination. The first stage is played out as side scrolling race against time (moving from right to left for no apparent reason other than to buck with tradition), while the second switches to a top down perspective for a race through a town centre. The third stage takes you up into the mountains before bringing you back down to earth for a final sprint stage where you simply have to go all out in order to win. There are a few options available to you, such as the ability to practice a stage before competing in the full race but the list isn't extensive and this is probably the game's biggest drawback. While the individual levels are quite fun (especially the top down one), the whole game isn't overly difficult to complete so it won't be long before you've seen everything it has to offer. There is some amusement to be had by going back and attempting to beat your times or to try out another racer, but this is only going to keep you going for so long. The graphics are pleasant enough but while the game deserves some attention for its unusual subject matter, it's not quite enough to earn it a place on the podium.

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