IndyCar Series

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Racing game to set you racing!

The gaming is a racing car simulation which takes you on a thrill ride throughout every course. You will be racing 15 different races on a championship season in the Indy car and will come across some really good competitors throughout the US. The racing tracks are all over US and they are very unique in terms of their background images, their terrains, their curves and their set up. Every race you win makes you earn points and the highest points in the championship will make you win the game. Every race is a diverse one and you have to counter obstacles apart from simple racing. The cars in the game are very speedy and can go up to 225 mph which will drive you crazy. The graphics are top notch and I also love the interface which is really attractive for a great racing season. You also have some very good customization features which allow you to customize your team and your character. The controls are also good because they are quite realistic and make you feel like racing in real. The level designs are intuitive and the depth of colors is amazing. It is very much like NASCAR 2000 which is also a fine racing game.

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