Indycar Racing

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Ok, rather underwhelming 3D racer

Indycar Racing is a full 3D graphics racer, sporting the jaggedness and the rather poor in polygons looks of the age. The vehicles you are going to race at the helm of are F1 bolides, well designed both graphically as well as in the physics that govern their trajectories and their overall dynamics. The game however rather fails to capture the speed or the feel of high power vehicles, and the AI of the opponents has a lot to do with that. They do, al higher difficulty settings pose a threat, but it feels as if, no matter what you do, you cannot distance yourself from them enough, as if they are bound by an elastic string to you. In any case, for a couple of races, when you get to feel the game and the way it responds to your controls, you are going to be ok. The problems becomes more apparent when you are looking to jump into a more time demanding campaign, when this apparent lack of fairness of the AI will keep you away from a more sustained time investment. So, while I cannot recommend Indycar Racing fully, I can't also say you should avoid it completely. Especially for those that played it in the past, or have a love for Indi racing, this one will offer enough of a good time, though not enough to keep you returning to it over and over again.

The American F1 racing

USA has its own racing tournament similar to F1 known as IndyCar Racing and Papyrus Indycar Racing is all about that. I've downloaded it, played it and I've had fun with it. From the start, in the main menu, the game offers you 3 modes of gameplay: single race, championship season and preseason testing. Don't be fooled, though, because this isn't an arcade racing game. It's a race simulator and a nice one too. Either modes you choose, at the garage you have the options of practising, getting to the race or tweaking your car a bit. Now tweaking is important because it affects the performance of your car. There's a nice variety of tracks and the AI can put up a fight. Another great feature is the engine sounds. It's awesome. While the graphics aren't that great, the games still manages to be fun. Overall, the game offers a great simulation of IndyCar races and can appeal even to any Formula 1 fan.

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