Get the Girl!

Adult 1994 Windows JAB Software Puzzle based

How to get laid for dummies

So, you go out, have something to drink, see a smoking hot girl. Feeling frisky, you think about getting the girl to date you. But how? What are you going to say? What are those perfect words to make the girl take off her pants or win her heart? You can consider this game as a seduction simulation. You pick a character from a hillarious list (Joe Schmoe xD), one uglier than the other and set on the adventure to the girls pant... I mean heart. In this game, you are flirting with a girl and talking to her. You only see hear head and sholders.She asks you all kinds of questions and you choose an an answer from a list. If she likes your answers, you will see more of her body such as breasts and bikini bottoms and if you win, you get the girl. If you lose, though.. You start over with another girl.The gameplay is simple. You just choose the answers from the list and that is all that is required of you. As you move on, you star to laugh more and more to the ridiculous questions and answers that are even more ridiculous. You can play the asshole schmuck, the classy seducer or the stupid hilly billy because not all girls are into the same thing. The graphics are very poor, there is just a picture of the girl and the box with the questions above the box with your answers. The music of the game is consisted of corny romantic songs that are supposed to spice up the mood, an awful midi version of it. As dumb as the game sounds, this dating sim game (Love hina is another, for comparison) will make you crack up laughing and it is perfect if you want to mess around with some friends for a great time.

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