Adult 1993 Dos Mediagogo Puzzle based Arcade style

Shooter with a cartoony adult theme

Rather than being a clear cut game of Bomberman (or Dyna), Bomb'X offers a twisted take on the subject. You control a manly member, shooting something rather white and gooey all around. If you aim at a wall, you take it down. If you aim at an enemy it explodes and leaves you free to explore that area as well. Graphically unfortunately, the game looks rather poorly. So, if you wanted to see something more advanced, this won't be it. Instead you are offered the same perspective as Bomberman, above the head, with clear cut bricks and other scenery elements of the same nature. Furthermore, Bomb'X offers you the bare necessities that make the experience sufficiently palatable to actually keep you interested for long periods of time, without any more issues. So, ultimately, Bomb'X is a good take on the maze exploring, bomb filled mayhem that was the original, with enough zest to keep you interested for a while, but sure enough, nothing to keep you in game for long hours. Avoid it if you want to play with under 18 individuals, as the mature theme becomes more prominent later on, with backgrounds sporting nudes.

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