International Athletics

Sport 1992 Dos True Emotions Software Summer sports

Average sports game with good diversity

As the name suggests, this game is a classic athletics game which involves different sports game in one game. So one thing is for sure, you will have a diverse gaming experience in a single game. There are 8 games in total which includes Javelin, Long jump and hurdle race. Each game has its own unique set of options and a distinct gameplay which has been supported by good graphics. I love the fact that there is no lag in the game even though it was not originally designed for PC. The gaming environment for the athletics is also great as the graphics of the stadium are close to realistic and the sounds are also thrilling. The movements of the players in different games, there playing and wining gestures and the subtle variations that happen in the game scenarios all sum up to make this game quite fun to play. The color schemes that have been used for the players representing different countries are also close to the conventional ones that are used in the real world so that you can relate to them. Classic games like International Sports Challenge have taken the stakes quite high but this game is good enough for meeting them.

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