Windsurf Willy

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Water slalom Willy!

I don't know about this Willy character, he's into windsurfing, but instead of choosing a strip of sea that is well suited to the sport, he chooses a strip that's full of debris and all sort of other stuff! Also, Willy is not a sun loving willy! He seems to go about surfing in the dead of night, which, for me, kind of defeats the purpose of the sport! I mean, really, is this the kind of thing you want to be doing at night? Wouldn't you rather want a sunny, warm day to go about windsurfing? Well, a lot of existential question really, when this game is just a simple slalom kind of deal, where you have to direct Willy, left and right, to slalom around the buoys (or barrels, or debris, however you choose to look at the stationary objects he has to make his way around!) and make sure he doesn't hit them. It's a very short lived game, and, while graphically alright, for a game produced in 88, it still manages to defeat its own purpose by not being cute or cuddly, but rather harsh and sun starved. So, it's not really much of a treat, unfortunately. Rather see Wild Ride: Surf Shack, a game that plays well and is a lot more inspired by real world surf, even if it is very arcade like.

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