International Sports Challenge

Sport 1992 Dos Empire Interactive Summer sports

Bundle of 21 sporting events, from cycling to diving

This game collection doesn't really have a greater thematic type of gimmick to encapsulate neatly all the different sports that it contains, but, nevertheless, it manages to do it without causing distress or appearing random. That is because the sports are all segregated into their own unique temporal or style frame. Thus, there are summer sports, there are diving sports, there are shooting sports and so on. Each one is controlled via the keyboard, luckily through the same combination of key bindings, which makes playing even more interesting and more relaxing. Also, the simplicity of the control scheme means that the games are very arcadey (and best played via a joystick or controller with thumb sticks) and also, that the game can be a tad difficult on later stages. At any rate, if you like such simple yet enthralling game collections you might want to try California Games 2 or the DotEmu Exclusive: Genesis Action / Adventure Bundle for a bundle of games (not a game bundle!) Either way, International Sports Challenge is not bad, it's just not the kind of game you want to go back to after you're done with it, which is kind of a shame give that it is so expansive.

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