Quest for the Timebird

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Infogrames First person

Graphic novel adventure adaptation, uniquely drawn

I love French graphical novels, from the ones designed for children, with colorful crayon like drawings to the more mature, darker themed ones. Thus, Quest for the Timebird felt like a well deserved walk past memory lane, as I get hooked to the game. The adventure tells the story of Roxanna, a witches daughter. She and her father set out on an epic quest, a sot of coming of age story which will see them making their way through a really interesting but dangerous mythical land. At any rate, the game has a very interesting graphical novel made interactive feel to it. You are given different choices at different points in the game, and thus, depending on what you choose, the story told will be forever altered, in ways that make replaying very gratifying. Similar to an RPG, there are also moments when you will engage in battle, but don't expect nothing too graphical. These are number crunching encounters that are played almost automatically. At any rate, if you don't mind the lesser interactivity options, Quest for the Timebird can be a really rewarding experience, similar to 20000 Leagues Under the Sea in the way interaction is included. Worth a try, however even if only for the charming graphical style.

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