Italia 90

Sport 1990 Dos U.S. Gold Soccer World competition

An absolute stinker of a soccer sim

Now this is a soccer game to avoid, perhaps one of the worst examples of the sporting sim to be found, and really this should only be played by those who love awful games or hardcore soccer completionists. The game is officially licensed and thus features the expected array of teams and players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, while gameplay is viewed from an overhead perspective. However, pretty much everything about the game is of such low quality that it makes playing it a chore. The controls are poor and awkward, rendering any action so frustrating that most players will give up pretty swiftly. However, once you get your feet on the ball, the opposition basically stands no chance of getting it back, taking away any sense of challenge to the game. Graphics too are dreadful, with a tiny pitch feeling overcrowded and which makes any manoeuvring or tactical play impossible, while the ball movement is so unrealistic as to be ridiculous. As if this wasn't enough, the sound is atrocious, both tinny and annoying and which only adds to the game's woes. If you haven't got the message so far, this really isn't worth playing by any self-respecting soccer or games fan and should simply be avoided.

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