World Championship Soccer

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Top down action soccer game, lots of teams

World Championship Soccer is a very console like soccer game. It figures, since it was first and foremost coded for the SEGA Genesis, and, thus, it had to be very minimalist and have a very restrained control scheme. Even I the SEGA was not a very powerful console, it sure was seen as more powerful than the NES, but still, when it came to games with lots of moving parts (as is a soccer game) a lot of ideas had to be played with in order to make the game feel better and play nicer. What this translates to is a game that surely could have looked better; your entire roaster of teams (24 national teams from all around the world) look and feel the same when you engage with them and you see the action from above only. Also, the game draws a very small portion of the playing field, and you generally don't get to see how your players are organized. Also, the action is relatively slow paced. Anyway, you can still get some enjoyment out of it, if you love fairly uncomplicated soccer games, the ones in the Sensible Soccer series, for instance. Though, mostly, the ones that were used to the quirks of the Genesis will mostly enjoy this port the most, while for the rest of us, a game such as one of the early FIFAs will be a much better option throughout.

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