World Cup Soccer

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Technically alright, with a cam twist for originality

In World Cup Soccer you get a mostly basic 2D isometric game of soccer, except that, depending on the current phase of the game, attack or defense, the camera takes a different angle. It doesn't really change the game much, but I think the idea was to make the defense portion a bit less fiddly, a little bit easier for you to tell whether you were going to get into an illegal tackle or not. Well, other than that you are going to be able to choose from 4 Euro teams to play as, Spain, England, Belgium and Italy, while the opponents are from throughout the world. Graphically it's all early days 2D top down, a bit jaggedly, not the most fluent of animations, but nothing too aggravating. The angle of the camera twist might have been a selling point back in the day, but no longer. So, yeah, it's maybe mostly about playing a game that you feel nostalgic about, and thus, reason enough to try it out, but otherwise it's not really something to really look forward to playing. Rather see one of them early days FIFA games, which play better, are better rounded and well, more widely available as well.

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