World Trophy Soccer

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Run-of-the-mill soccer sim

The seemingly never ending lineup of 1990s soccer games gets another addition in the form of World Trophy Soccer and while it is perhaps one of the lesser known titles, it is certainly worth a look for any football fan. The game offers a nice range of real world teams, each with their own accurately portrayed kits and other assorted details to add to the realism. Taking an overhead view, World Trophy Soccer boasts some pretty advanced graphics for the period, with players that move realistically and which are smoothly animated. Gameplay wise, it is fairly standard when compared to other similar games, and offers the usual modes one would expect from a soccer game. No coaching options are available which is slightly disappointing, but the extra, TV-style additions like the animated referee and dramatic shifts in perspective for penalties to help to boost the atmosphere. However, a couple of bigger problems get in the way of World Trophy Soccer being a must play game. First of these is the ball mechanics, which are unfortunately unrealistic and which take away from any sense of this being a truly accurate representation of the sport. The other main issue is the controls, which are frustratingly unintuitive and which take some time to get your head around. This reduces the fun factor considerably and make this a less attractive option than something like Sensible Soccer which plays in a much more responsive and fluid manner. So, while World Trophy Soccer certainly isn't a bad soccer game, it certainly isn't premier league stuff and is best suited for diehard fans who have exhausted the competition.

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