Return of the Phantom

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Microprose Third Person Mystery

An acceptable adaptation

Return of the Phantom is a 1993 adventure game that brings a story full of mystery. Those that are familiar with the book and also the play will consider this game a great adaptation. The phantom is back to create havoc, in a plot where your primary objective is to involve in investigations of strange accidents that took place at the Paris Opera House. This phantom was responsible to create frightening events since 1881, and as a detective, you have to find clues about what secrets lie beneath this case. Since it is an adventure game, this game uses the classic point and click interface, where you interact with the environment, and with various objects that are present. To do this, you will select commands like Look, Talk, Take, Push, Open, Put, Give, Pull, Close and Throw. The commands allow you to proceed in the story, and to solve the required interesting puzzles. The great attention of the developers related to the general design will make a good impression among players. I am referring to the digitized graphics, the realistic gestures of the characters, the wonderful background. The music is also contributing to the general ambiance, bringing a nice mood, the sounds are medium quality and voice acting is acceptable for your ears. All in all, play it for an extra level of suspense, if you think your life is lacking excitement.

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