Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox Denda Multimedia Third Person Mystery

A noir investigative adventure set in the 30s

Hmm, I don't know if you like the TV series Boardwalk Empire, but this game kind of made me think about the series. Sure, it's not as dark or as gritty as this TV series, but it focuses on the early days of the end of the alcohol prohibition era, painting a more romanticized picture of it. Bring alcohol in to the picture, just days before the law is about to be passed and our hero, in that crazy bubbling environment gets caught in the midst of a murder. Anyway, he's the oe to get blamed for it, and only because he is known by the authorities to be a stand up citizen hes left to solve the case of the murder and see what happened and why he's the one that gets framed. The game plays as your classic point and click adventure and most of the puzzles and the discussions you'll be immersed into are all hinged on finding what happened. There's a bit of that amnesiac storyline here as well, but the game doesn't abuse it. Also, the graphical style is absolutely beautiful, if you love European cartoon styling. Bu the story is absolutely amazing, and you won't really get to the bottom of it until the very end. There are other games in the series worth playing, but, without question this one is amongst the most intense in there.

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