Jack Keane

Adventure 2007 Windows Kiss Label Third Person Point and click Action Puzzle Action adventure Modern

Bonkers adventure

This is the first in a pair of interactive adventures which is decent enough but which is overshadowed by its superior sequel, Jack Keane 2. They are both point and click adventures, similar to Monkey Island and Discworld that feature all the usual elements of such games, and which are here implemented in solid fashion. The slightly bonkers story finds the evil Dr T on a mission to destroy the British Empire's supply of tea so that the world will have to buy everything from him. Jack Keane is sent to escort a secret agent to stop this dastardly plan but it turns out the agent doesn't really know what's going on. It thus falls to Jack to step up. Players initially start out controlling Jack but later a hapless servant of Dr T also comes into play, as she learns she is being duped. In gameplay terms, this is fairly familiar stuff, with the usual exploration and mouse-driven puzzle solving involving inventory items, while there are also riddles and such to enjoy. As another example of a genre many thought was long dead, this is prety decent stuff. The storyline is perhaps the game's most interesting aspect and it really is delightfully bonkers, with plenty of nods to other classics along the way and with some witty and amusing dialogue to enjoy, along with some memorable characters. The puzzles are pleasantly challenging and are certainly interesting enough to keep you hooked until the end, while the visuals are lush and detailed, with plenty of imagination in the design. All in all, this is distinctly enjoyable adventure.

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