A Friend Indeed

Adventure 2004 Windows Darth Mandarb Third Person

When the world nears to an end, friends are all that matters!

Although very short, produced in a sort of Japanese, though very subdued, style, A Friend Indeed is a great adventure game. In it you play a certain JP, whom, after finding out that the Earth is going for imminent doom reaches out to find his friend, who has a shelter built exactly for such a contingency. Therefore, most of the game will be about trying to find your way to get to his house, and, as the world has definitely seen better days, you will soon find out that there are lots of hurdles to overcome. While traditional in many ways, this adventure breaks the mold in terms of perspective. Most of it is delivered as an RPG, with an isometric camera fixed right above your head. The puzzles, most of them will be played from this perspective, but a few will take some other shapes, and will play in their own windows. All in all, even if you're bound to exploring everything, the game can be finished in about an hour. So, an independent game, an enticing premise, looks like an AGS game though it's not and is pretty enjoyable. And if you want more meteorite fun, download Nibiru too.

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