Jack Nicklaus

Sport 1988 Dos Accolade Golf

Golf done with style and gentlemanliness!

Jack Nicklaus was a man dedicated to golf, a true champion who wasn't known for, well, messing up with the ladies, like some other players that also put their names on games. (Yes, I'm looking at you Tiger!) In some ways, Jack Nicklaus is a treat because it shows that golf can and should be and was a gentlemanly game. The bits of Jack Nicklaus tips at the beginning of each session show a man that had a sense of humor but also a sense of pride and a sense of being really invested into the sport. At any rate, focusing on the game itself all I can say it's a great combination of classical golf ideas, making up a game that is both tactical as well as based on reflexes. Thus, it's not too different than other sims of the kind, but like I said, it packs a lot of extras that make it stand out, from the snippets of text here and there to the many other elements that make it worthwhile. Plus, graphically it packs both 2D maps as well as 3D single screen statics, but they all work and work to convey the info you require. A true masterpiece, a game that the DOS OS should be as great to have as the NES platform should be happy for its Golf title. Oh, and most other Jack Nicklaus golf sims are just as worthy of a playthrough.

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