California Pro Golf

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Small, only 2 golf courses; otherwise playable

California Pro Golf's main problem is it's very short amount of golf fields. There are but two courses in the entire game and, also, in terms of golfers, or rather, in terms of different golf simulation clubs, there are but four in total. Yes, there statistics are not that encouraging, but then again, this title was released in 88, and, it did still manage to push barriers a little further. One such barer that it definitely pushed quite a bit, was the use of fully 3D engine in, even if it had to lower the expectation of players quite a bit. No, the animations are far from cursive, and the 3D courses are not permanent fixtures. Instead, they are built just before you are about to shoot your ball, and therefore, they are static. However, the game mechanics, the actual shooting of balls is pretty spot on, and the game requires both precision as well as a good idea of tactical/strategic play, given that even if it only has two courses, there are fully fledged 18 hole courses. So, give it a try, it will definitely play out nicely, even if the California in the tile is just decorative. And download Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf also, for a similar tech build of golf.

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