World Class Leader Board

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Access Software Golf World competition

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Perfectly playable golf, almost too clean to be fun...

World Class Leader Board is a perfectly playable golf sim, with insta rendered 3D screens (actually static 3D, but which works just well). The problem, as I was hinting in the title, has to do with the fact that the game doesn't really have anything special. It's perfectly clean and good looking, which kind of lets you down a little. But, at times, you might be looking for a game that sims to be a DOS version of the later Wii Sports games, you know playable but totally impersonal. So yeah, with World Class Leader Board you get to shoot, to match a counter with the moving piece type of mechanic, and then you get the longer/higher level strategy, which has to do with the way you pick your balls, how you manage them. So, can that be enough? That's totally up to you! Me however, I find Mean 18 a more enjoyable yet similarly non original golf game. Because, for some reason, it seems to look a little better, even if it is, graphically, almost like World Class Leader Board. So, I guess, WCLB is mostly for those that already have some time spent with it, or with similarly clean games from the past.

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