Mini Putt

Sport 1987 Dos Artech Golf

Oldschool 2D mini golf is the best!

Miniature golf feels at home in 2D PC (and if you ask me, DOS is the home of these games, if you enjoy the oldies, the classics!) format, as it makes sense instantaneously. You basically have very simple controls, the target is as simple as it gets and the game here gives you great obstacle courses to try your skill and luck at. Thus, Mini Putt is a great simple game, but don't worry, if you're in for a challenge you will get it. The later stages do manage to pick up the difficulty of the entire thing, and to offer you something to bake your noodle while at it! Also, a great thing is that there is no weird perspective to throw you off the game, nope, you see your mini golf course perfectly 180 degrees from above, making negotiating your curves and your hit strengths easier. Overall, for a game released in 87 I must say this is a really nice looking game, with bright clean colors, a no nonsense design and everything else you might need. Try it, you'll fall in love with it for sure. Or, for a stranger walk through the oldies of mini golf, give 18th Hole Miniature Golf, a game that takes a different approach but manages to hold on to the recipe.

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