Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

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The challenge of the toughest gold courses worldwide

Although the game is delivered in 2D, this game is no cookie, it's hard and as serious as they het. The name, for those that are familiar with golf should spark some idea of why that is, but for the most of us, I'll just spell it out. Major Championship will take you across the world to challenge you to play in the most spectacular but difficult courses that there are. In terms of handling, the game follows the classic recipe, which revolves around you fixing the direction in which the golf ball will fly towards and then trying to match the speed of it as you have to, by clicking a moving indicator just at the right time. Push your button too early and your shot will be too weak, move it while it's at the top and the speed will be too high. There aren't any other issues to talk about, minigame type based challenges, though, due to the way the courses are built, you'll need to consider your games strategically, by planning ahead how you want to go for certain areas. That is because many of the courses feature treacherous (for lack fo a better word!) areas, where you can lose your ball, or areas that are a total miss if your ball lands in them (water patches, forest patches, sand areas, etc.). But at least you'll know what you're getting into, as Jack Nicklaus is known for its hardcore golf sims.

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