Hopkins FBI

Adventure 1998 Windows MP Entertainment Third Person Mystery

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Book him, Danno!

Short but sweet, Hopkins FBI is a little like a cut down version of point-and-click adventures like Broken Sword and Full Throttle and apart from some questionable moments of violence, it makes for an entertaining ride. This one tells how a notorious terrorist was executed (twice) but somehow managed to survive and actually escaped from imprisonment. He's now heading up a new terrorist organization and as Agent Hopkins, it falls to you to track him down and ensure that he gets the punishment he deserves. What follows is a fairly familiar point-and-click adventure, where you explore various environments, while picking up clues and solving puzzles, all with the goal of getting closer to that pesky terrorist. Puzzles are inventory-based for the most part, with much of the game focusing on collecting objects then figuring out how to use them, while the story advances through some surprisingly decent cutscenes. The game is presented in a bright, almost cartoon-like fashion, which belies the fact that there's quite a lot of graphic violence on display here, so don't be fooled into thinking this is for younger gamers. Hopkins FBI is certainly no classic, and it's never going to last any reasonably skilled adventurer more than a few hours, but while it does last, you should have a good time. The key attraction is the plot, which has is a bit far fetched but never less than entertaining, with good cutscenes and solid script. The visuals are bright and vibrant, which seems at odds with the dark nature of the story, but they're attractive and appealing. The puzzles aren't overly tricky, but if you're just looking for a fun way to kill a few hours, this does the job.

Broken Sword like but different storytelling

The graphic style of this adventure game can be misleading. The backgrounds and the intermittent cutscenes might prompt you to think that the story will be a more lighthearted one. Nothing more further from the truth. An inmate has escaped a high security penitentiary and news has come to pass that somehow he is linked to an atomic bomb attempt. Interested? Time to jump in the shoes of Hopkins, an experienced investigator. The game plays as you would imagine, it features crime scene swiping, interviewing suspects as well as inventory based puzzles. The plot is simple with no major plot twists, much in the story telling style of French Noir graphic novels. To be fair, with a walkthrough and some guidance from time to time, Hopkins FBI will offer you an intense if relatively short run for you time and truly, the game will not disappoint if you love short detective stories or other noir themes. Certainly the game tries its best to capture your imagination and attention and the very careful and detailed design of the setting is certainly conducive to towards a fulfilling adventure. But you have to be a detective story aficionado, otherwise too many of the scenes will feel too laborious and boring at the same time.

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