Legend of the Sword

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Silicon Software Graphical IF

Mouse controlled fantasy interactive fiction

You'd have to wonder why would anyone go about producing a text based interactive fiction when it would have been easier to translate that kind of gameplay to a more conventional, easier to control adventure game. Well, at any rate, for those that love a medieval splashed with fantasy setting and want to be a mighty warrior caught in a relatively interesting plot, well this game will definitely satiate that crave. However, Legend of the Sword is also pretty tightly produced, easy to interact with and therefore, a very special and interesting game from that point of view. It is also aided by additional graphics and interactible icons, that add to the visual baggage of this one. Sure, in the end the story is not that special, you've mot likely seen threads of it in other adventure games or role players from set in fantasy settings and medieval time frames. But that does little to take away from the beauty of this one. And as such it creates a pretty nice game, with all that it entails. A good alternative can be Final Battle, the sequel of this one. Unfortunately that one, while improved controls wise had an even less satisfying story to tell...

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