Racing 1996 Windows Sony Futuristic Motorbike

19 tracks and races with moto/hover bikes; futuristic!

Jet Moto is an arcade game, slightly futuristic and tinged by the brush strokes of steam punk. But all in all, it's a game that is fast, doesn't have a lot of extras outside the confines of the races. The bikes available are also not too diverse, just a few models, that kind of behave similarly. But, overall, the game plays nicely, and it has the power to keep you entertained for hours. Now, the hovering means that all these bikes have higher than usual roll and grind around the tracks; they are harder to control if you control them as if they were classic. However, if you learn to anticipate the corners and take the curve in advance, you will get where you want to in time, without issue. Plus, graphically, Jet Moto is a game that looks phenomenally well, with great 3D graphics, that are of course, reminiscent of their period, so don't expect perfect crispness, but other than that this game just works, has no nagging flaws. Else, download Moto Racer 2 as well, to have another good racer in your collection, as this one, while classic, with classic wheeled motorcycles, plays at high speeds and is just fantastic.

Chaotic but extremely fun

JetMoto, a 1996 videogame released by Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., is the future of motor car racing. It has a very fast gameplay and you will race against 19 opponents. You can choose your character to be rather a man or a female racer, and the characters presented have their own description, abilities and traits concerning the acceleration, handling, mass and lift. Some roads are tight during races and here will appear the high difficulty when trying to handle properly your vehicle. Also, giving the fact that the speed is insanely fast, the bends will be kind of hard to pass in a correct manner. The chaotic driving is filled with various landmarks, by the multiple locations, and a wide perspective upon the world presented. The surfaces are not repetitive (now you race on a beach, in the next moment you will find yourself driving on water, which is pretty cool). The graphics are impressive , having a futuristic design and the sounds are realistic and well done. Even if you lose or die in the races, this game remains fun and appealing, so you won't make a big deal of any of such things. The strategy aspect is based on using at certain times an amount of "turbo" energy you are given. Don't miss this extremely fun game!

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