Racing 1998 Windows Gremlin Interactive Futuristic Car simulation

Fast paced adrenaline filled racer

Sometimes taking the path of the pure arcade when it comes to racers is the best way to go. You've got cars that allow you to go crazy on the road, you've got challenge in the form of knowing when (and there are rather few occasions for it!) to throttle down, and other than that it's a question of being very, very alert. This is Motorhead, a great game if you are not looking for realism, and, within the family of established racer titles if the genre, it is definitely worth a median spot in. For a 98 game, it does look the part, with colorful, neon lit tracks, with a host of vehicles that manage to have some different steering and feel to them, and, also, with a very nice looking set of tracks. Motorhead also sports a cool host of audio tracks, so the energy of the races is accentuated by the music as well, bringing the entire game to life even more thoroughly. So, to be critical as well, what you're probably going to find a little less alluring is the diversity of the tracks, as well as the behavior of the cars after a while. The other vehicles also seem to always be on your tail, a bit to heavily, as if you are dragging them with a wire. Yeah, it's going to feel as if you are always under pressure, but you'll soon find out that they also seem to wait for you, if you are a bit too far back. So, naturally, after a few races this will get old. But, for the time being, if you're on a arcade look back streak, Motorhead has enough on its plate to make it worthwhile. So give it a try.

Is it a great game?

Motorhead is a pure arcade style racing game and one of the most fun games in the genre. While there are others that are way better, such as Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Re-Volt, Motorhead succeeds in what the others do: entertain the player. That alone is the mark of a decent and fun game. But is it a great game? Well, let's find out. The game is a dark and moody arcade style racing game with a futuristic setting. The doesn't utilizes copyrighted cars, instead use ones that are reminiscent of cars of that era, but handle quite realistically than most arcade-style racing game. The racing itself is quite enjoyable, not realistic, but it doesn't has to be because it wasn't marketed as a simulation game. While in other games, bumping into walls may get annoying, here it's not that bad. There are some moments when hitting a wall results in spinning around, but that occurs only if you hit the wall while airborne. Other than that, bumping into walls just simply slows you down. The graphics are quite decent and the engine sounds are great! In conclusion, is Motorhead a decent game? Yes it is! But is it good enough to be considered a great game? Well, I would say yes because I had a lot of fun with this game and that alone makes a great arcade racing game, but not a perfect one.

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