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Before jetpacks were THE innovation!

I was reading a press release from this development team, regarding this game of theirs, an action game. At any rate, while, unfortunately, I don't even remember the name of that game, I remember that it considered its use of jet pack movement as a novel, innovative elements. Not even for their series, but in general, in 3D gaming! Wow! I guess they managed to skip one of the sweetest third person action games ever made, MDK 2, a beast of an action game, that has platforming stages, that had short distance flight stages, that had this world created out of outwardly elements, and a futuristic feel to it. MDK 2 was great at being diverse, this was its thing. You never really got to be bored with it, because after a chunk in which you ran through tunnels, you maybe had a stationary level, or a boss that you had to tackle more puzzle like. Thus, the pacing was always something special, something to look forward to and to always take into consideration. So, even years later, because of the generous cult following the game god an HD remake, and thus you can get a much more graphically endowed version to try today. Another one that I've got in my collection and that I think of as a genre bender, and also, a game that can be played by retro fans as well as fans of modern action games. The alternative is it's older brother, a playable, clean and satisfying action in third person as well.

Action + humor = win-win!

While the first MDK was great game, the second one is way more fun. Surprisingly enough, MDK 2 was developed by BioWare, a company that really made a name for itself by releasing the famous and beloved Baldur's Gate series. Now MDK 2 seemed like an experiment for BioWare for making a bame which combines both action and humor. What we can expect from the developers is a great storyline and the one in the game is not disappointing. You play again the role of Kurt Hectic, the protagonist of the game. As him and other 2 protagonists of the game celebrate their victory from the previous game, they find out that there's still some unfinished to be solved. After that, a new threat shows its face and its Kurt's job to save the day once again. The cutscenes are amazing and there parts which are funny, like the one before the first level, where Kurt slips when attempting to jump down to the city. The gameplay is strong, has some good variety and is enough to keep you entertained. The music is what makes this game awesome: it makes you feel like a badass, while shooting down some aliens. The game was re-released in HD format, but unless your picky with the graphics, the older one is still great. All in all, MDK 2 is a game that every gamer should own.

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