Joe Montana

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox SEGA Football

A bit blocky, but a great American football sim

While the graphics, colorful, vivacious and, well, big, will not let you down if you love a bit of cartoonish in your American soccer game, the problems might start to mess with you if you expect a too carefully produced simulation of the game. What I mean by that is simple: those hardcore lovers of American soccer know that there are lots of breaks in a game, breaks which are in fact used to determine the strategy of the game at any given moment. In fact, for dedicated fans it is the combination of thinking of all the combinations of play possible at any moment, while also considering how the athletes performed in a given situation. At any rate, the athletic bit is simulated nice enough, but the strategies and the filed management (yap, even if this is an action oriented game) leave a bit too much to be desired. So, if you can get used to a game that doesn't offer you a lot in terms of control over the emergent strategic game, try it, otherwise see John Madden Football II, a much more rounded game in regards to this particular aspect.

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