Arcade 1991 Dos Softdisk Publishing Flight shooter

Intergalactic Defense Allegiance against the Slordax

Slordax: The Unknown Enemy is an action game, a space shooter, but it's got a nice, cartoony, for-kids kind of story. In the universe of the game, there are two main race coalitions, the good guys, that have formed the Intergalactic Defense Allegiance and the mighty yet very nasty Slordax, which need to be taken care of! The game, for a space shooter is pretty colorful and nice one, and also, a diverse game too. You don't only shoot in the void of space, you also get down to business on the top of some of the galaxy's planets. The gameplay, typical for forwards scrolling shooters, has a lot of enemy waves of Slordax, but don't think that because there is only one race, there is no diversity. No, there are loads of enemy ships as well as a plethora of arrangements in which they come and fight you, as well as a good hand of boss enemies, which require special treatment to beat. And, thus, all in all, for a game that is quite child proof, you'll find it very diverse and interesting. Even in spite of the EGA cap on in the graphical department and the small number of only 5 levels.

Good but extremely repetitive forward scrolling space shooter

Slordax is your below average forward scrolling space shooter. Why is it bellow average? There are multiple reasons why. One of the most important has to do with the actual diversity in the game. The backgrounds are repetitive. The enemies are repetitive, the mission and bosses are repetitive. In a sense all forward scrolling space shooters are rather not too complex, but without a question, others have found a better balance of gameplay styles, enemy behaviors and backgrounds. But not Slordax. The game will thus only manage to keep you in only for the most limited period of time, until you simply get bored. How soon you will get bored will only depend on you, as the game does not take a lot to bore you. But the most egregious, if you do not dispose of it, is the music and the sound effects, which are almost unbearable to hear. At least you can shut your speakers off. But even so, most of your time in the game will feel wasted. That is it, the value of the game is too limited. It feels too much like one of the space shooters that were included in the famed 51 in 1 cartridge for the NES, where all forward scrolling shooters looked and felt the same. So, unless you are purposefully looking for a game that is simple and boring, rather avoid this one, as it is simply not offering anything worthwhile.

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