Kaiser Deluxe

Strategy 1995 Dos LinEL Historical Trade or management

An unnecessary remake

Kaiser Deluxe is a remake version of Kaiser, an empire-management game developed by Softgold Computerspiele. Kaiser was a fun empire-mangement game for its time, but when Sid Meier launched Civilization, people mostly started to play that game instead for it had more to offer. The developers instead of creating a sequel that would exceed the original, they instead remade the game? Was it worth it? Well, the developers brought the following improvements over the last one: the game now supports gameplay up to 8 players, VGA graphics, digitized speech and CD-ROM quality music. All fine and good, but the gameplay still remained the same. However, they have included an endless-play mode, but that does not mean that your improving gameplay. What's more sad is that the developers didn't even bother to release the game in English. All in all, Kaiser Deluxe improved the original a bit, but it was an unnecessary remake and the developers should have tried to make a sequel instead.

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