Action 1993 Dos Dosbox NovaLogic Shooter Robots

Aged but fun mech action game

Ultrabots offers you the chance to enter the body of a mech, to control it in a rather bland 3D environment, where you'll have a handful of different type missions to complete. The main annoyance with this game was the rather small frame that is offered when it comes to the 3D view of the world. You'll mostly be playing the game by looking at your centrally posted 2D top down minimap. It's understandable, given the age of the game, but definitely not the best possible option out there. In terms of mission design, the game is also pretty lacking, Battledrome was a rather more nicely designed game, balle wise, with more diverse scenarios. There is a bit of tactic to be used within the game, as you are definitely going to have to hunt down the other bots in a certain order, but that's pretty much it. So, all things considered, Ultrabots is an OK action oriented mech arcader but it lacks diversity, while also offering a pretty restrictive visual window into the world. So, think about it, if you like mechs, this one might be for you, but don't sub-estimate the problems I mentioned above.

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