Klondike Moon

Strategy 1997 Windows Terraform Software Real time Science Fiction

Minimalist RTS with a space/terraforming theme

Klondike Moon is an average, sturdy, yet not that original strategy in real time. More interesting than the actual playthroughs you'll have with it, is the setting. It's the future, and people are looking to colonize new planets and moons, as these offer a lot of resources to those that manage to secure them. But, of course, there's lots of competition, and only those brave enough to hazard and risk a lot can get there. So, in terms of actual gameplay you get a 180 degrees top down camera, looking at a 2D world that is mostly built on sandy textures. Yeah, not a lot of diversity at this level, plus, the interface is a bit too messy, with too many elements clogging both the left and the right of the screen, allowing you only a very small window on to the actual game map. Yeah, I could stomach the kind of game that Dune 2 offered, and, truth be told, if this game was at least half as good as that one I wouldn't have had any issues with it, but the level of interaction and the Ai here are kind of abysmal. Not broken, granted, but not too far of being aggravatingly the same, skirmish after skirmish. Plus, the innovation of the game, the terraforming bits are just plane to do and just take too much time, which makes them anything but interesting. Stick to your Dune of choice, this one doesn't really cut it.

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