World Cup: All time greats

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Track Suit Manager for PC!!! Well, preview at least

I saw screenshots of this game and was stunned - it looks exactly like Tracksuit Manager. Turns out it is simplified version of TSM, limiting you to play only 1994 World Cup but still with same engine. TSM was among best manager games when it was released, with definitely the best match engine way ahead of its time. The great engine may be enough to overlook the outdated game (and finally you can play it on PC), but limitations to already predefined qualified nations and players will quickly put you away. After the Cup is over, you can only restart the Cup. One interesting thing added is that instead of nation from 1994 Cup, you can switch it with any of the previous Cup winner, from Uruguay 1930, with actual players in those teams. Yes, you can play with 1952 Brazil if you want, or replace almost all nations from 1994 with previous champions. But apart from that, it leaves a bad taste in mouth. A simple conversion of TSM would be better to allow you to play as much as you want through Qualifications and Euro and World cups, and enter players' names you want, instead of playing the same Cup over and over again. At least PC players were finally able to see that famous match engine working.

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