World League Basketball

Sport 1997 Windows Mindscape Basketball World competition

A must play basketball game

This sports game has a lot of distinct traits which are not found in many other basketball games. The first trait which sets it apart from the others is that you get to play with international teams and not the local leagues of NBA. You also have the option to coach the team and this trait makes it a simulation rather than a classic arcade style game. Time outs, substitutions, player attributes, defensive and offensive modes and change of viewing angle are only some of the prime features that they have incorporated in this thrilling sports game. The statistics of the players and the games that you play are also recorded in the game for your reviewing. The action in the game is great and the control of the ball can be easily customizable. The players can also be speeded up through utilizing the turbo buttons. The graphics are real 3D action supporting and give you an in depth view of the on screen action. You have four difficulty levels and this makes the game very challenging for all sports lover. So if you are in search for a basketball game which gives you real basketball action along with some great coaching options, then just go for this one. NBA Live 99 also has some of the same features with a good gameplay.

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