Action 1990 Dos Bluemoon Space combat

Another iteration of Skyroads

Kosmonaut plays exactly as Skyroads also looks the same and features similar styled levels. However, it offers you a perspective that allows you a bit more control of the ship you're flying and boppin around. So, if you loved the highly styled looks of Skyroads, this one will feel just like more of the same, which is great. Also, the game has great controls, simple to use, easy to understand and sink right into. Sure, it is a game that needs you to learn the new color scheme of the bricks once again, if you already have done so in Skyroads. However, the same idea, that red is danger and that other colors have clearly understood symbolism is known. So that, in the end, Kosmonaut is a game that is still immediately understandable, if, for a bit of time you will be doing a lot of repeating routes, but that was a staple of Skyroads as well, so there are no issues there. Other advantages of this one, well, the new set of roads are sure a great plus, even if at they, at their best, are never as interesting (the game features less elevation areas) than the ones in Skyroads. Either way, for Sci Fi, highly stylized racing, this is a great game.

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