LA Crackdown

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Epyx Puzzle based

Detective/police story; blends a couple of genres

LA Crackdown is a combination of gameplay elements held together by a core that is mainly made out of adventure elements. However, you'll play a bit of puzzling, you'll get some action elements in there, for good measure, as well as some first person gameplay, the kind of traditional first person, adventure style. But, for a game this old, the recipe coagulates quite nicely. Sure, there is a lot of fiddling about in the game due to the fact that you will mainly be tasked with ordering your agents around, making sure that they are tactically arranged as they should be, and, that, you keep a tight grip on the situation, don't let it slip out of hand. You will also peruse documents, tapes and video camera footage, all elements which are delivered text and static image style, portions that play mostly as adventure game set pieces. So give it a try, it sure is worth it, if you like Police Quest type games and don't mind a bit of late 80s minimalist adventure graphics. Otherwise, LA Crackdown can tingle that police/investigator nerve in a very particular fashion too!

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