Labyrinth of Crete

Puzzle 1995 Windows Philips Interactive Cartoon

Try and escape the Minos Labyrinth of Crete!

If you care for Greek mythology, you will definitely love this game. It makes a puzzly/action game out of the mythological story of the escape out of the Minos labyrinth. So, as the game proposes, it is a classic top down puzzle heavy maze game. It's done prewtty cool graphically, with alright looking top down graphics and a simple, Windows 3.1, a bit better than your classic DOS maze game looks. The game has loads of maze portions, some that are full of traps, and some that are more about finding the right way to exit the maw, without a lot of other traps or puzzles. If you love classic maze puzzles, this one too will be pretty cool Now, there are also bosses to battle against; Minos, the minotaur character will have to be beaten in the end, which is a cool action/puzzle game in the end. Also, with Minos' Labyrinth on Crete you get some logic testing puzzles, which add flavor to the classic simple find your way puzzle on which most of Minos' Labyrinth on Crete is based. So, overall, Minos' Labyrinth on Crete is a great game, that has some Pac Man in it, but is never that simple, is a just a bit more dandy a maze game that will also text your reflexes.

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