Action 1999 Windows Psygnosis Science Fiction Flight shooter

Impressive graphics and music!

Lander is a 1999 flight simulator set in the year 3032, perfect for the maniacs that like aircrafts and to maneuver such modern machines. In your way to succeed in winning high altitudes, you have to learn to control your Lander and to possess basic flight dynamics knowledge. You will soon enjoy this marvel of tehnology and human evolution! While flying your advanced toy, you will explore 15 different planets and moons through 30 missions. These missions are non-linear and require collecting various scattered objects that can be found in the galaxy, annihilating threats and certain targets and solving puzzles. There are also two multiplayer levels that give you the possibility to enjoy the action with your friends. Depending on your hardwork and efforts throughout the gameplay, you will be rewarded with money useful for repairs and improving your flying machine with more advanced weapons, engines and armor. You can also buy new hovercrafts. You can control your Lander with the mouse and the objectives may seem too simple for you. But the graphics! Oh, the graphics are the main thing this game can brag about. You will surely be visually moved by the effects and the sounds makes the experience even better! Definitely recommend it!

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