Krazy Ivan

Action 1996 Windows Psygnosis Robots Science Fiction

Fight other mechas in a one on one combat

Krazy Ivan is a cool mecha game that will thrill all those action fans that like to put big suits of armor and blow stuff up :) In this game, instead of fighting with a rifle with a bunch of other mechs, you get to fight in an arena on a one on one battle to the very death. As you fight robot after robot, you get your adrenaline up and feel like the most badass guy ever! Once all the enemies are done for and you have nobody else to fight, you have to destroy the enemy generator and free the sector. The single player mode is unfortunately too short but if you have somebody to play with via the two player mode, things might get a lot more interesting for the both of you :) The game is full of action and very intense, but there might be a sense of repetitiveness because all the arenas look more or less the same, no matter where they are set. The game's graphics are hiqh quality and very good to look at and I like the big green numbers that show the scoring and time elapsed. The game is a must have for all those action game lovers and robot games like Terminator or MechWarrior. Highly recommended!

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